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Our team is comprised of people who have demonstrated extraordinary persistence, proven exceptional ability and accomplishment, in addition to a unique commitment to public justice at a significant personal cost.
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Ms. Nguyen’s career reflects both a significant depth of experience in the world of business, as well as an historically significant position in public service. Her business background includes a position as in-house counsel for a top-10 world money management firm. Her public service includes working as a student mediator with the Attorney General in New York in consumer fraud; serving as one of the Navy’s first female officers aboard a nuclear attack submarine; and supporting a successful investigation and prosecution of a massive fraud case which implicated dozens of senior military and public officials, in addition to other military investigations and prosecutions.


Vice Chair, Advisory Council

Veterans for Guardianship and Probate Reform, S.P.C.


As a combat veteran who served in Desert Storm, Mr. Spivey has personally paid the price for our right to live under the rule of law. Having also personally witnessed friends and fellow combatants pay the ultimate price, he refuses to see veterans victimized by corrupt courts. As President and Washington State Director of the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide, it is now his life’s mission to end veteran suicide. Mr. Spivey and his organization demand the right for veterans who have sacrificed for all of us the right to live under the rule of law.  He asserts that court fraud daily affects veterans across the country, and significantly contributes to veteran suicide.


Member, Advisory Council

Veterans for Guardianship and Probate Reform, S.P.C.

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