What is Guardianship and Probate Fraud?

Guardianship and Probate Fraud ("GPF") happens when one or more trusted officials steal from vulnerable adults, or steal from those who are falsely accused of being vulnerable. 

How Has This Happened?

Many laws were written to protect all of us from guardianship fraud.  When trusted public officials work together to commit fraud, however, none of our legal rights can protect us.  In the State of Washington - and across the country – public officials have been found to be working together

to steal billions of dollars from innocent people. 


The explosion of GPF may be explained in one word: complexity. Complexity is fraud’s best friend.  A box full of puzzle pieces is complex and meaningless until we see the whole picture.

GPF is a puzzle – when the whole picture of GPF is shown to us, the complex becomes simple. 


Who We Are

We are Veterans, and the friends and families of people effected by GPF - we are American citizens who care about our right to live under the rule of law. 

What Can We Do?

Until we have criminal convictions and changes in the laws, every citizen of the State of Washington

may now be a victim of GPF.  We only have the rights that we’re willing to fight for.


Here’s how we can do that: 

     Let us know about your probate and/or guardianship fraud case, or refer someone you know who is a victim.
        Feel free to provide information about any case or evidence relating to

guardianship and probate fraud, even anonymously here.


     The innocent people who are being robbed by GPF include veterans - the people who have

sacrificed everything for every American’s right to live under the rule of law.  


But GPF affects us all.

"All that's required for injustice to exist is for good people to do nothing."


Let’s work together now to stop GPF. 

VGR is privately and self funded, and has never received any donations.*

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